8 Cheap Things to do Outside this SummerSummer is finally here and I’m sure at this point everyone is just as excited as I am to get outside and have some fun. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite outdoor activities. Summer fun can get expensive if you aren’t careful. Below I have assembled 8 cheap things to do outside this summer for people of all ages.

Go for a Walk or Hike

Be it with friends or the family pet, taking a walk or hike is a great way to get outside. I love to take my dogs Winston and Lulu for 2-3 walks a day around my apartment complex. I get to spend valuable time with my pets, catch some sun, and get in some nearly effortless cardio.

Instagram Photo Shoot

No matter where you live I’m sure you can find somewhere photo worthy. If not you can always give the ugly photo shoot challenge a try! Grab a camera or even a camera phone and head outside to take some pictures. You get to practice your photography, hang out with a friend, and you might even get some cute Instagram pictures out of it. If you are feeling adventurous you can even spend some time exploring to find the perfect photo shoot location.

Play “Kids” Games

8 Cheap Things to do Outside this SummerRemember when you were little and you would go outside with bubbles or sidewalk chalk and it could entertain you for hours? Round up some friends and give your inner child room to play. Blow some bubbles, draw on the sidewalk, have a water balloon fight, the possibilities are endless. Plus, you will be surprised at how much entertainment you can get out of a trip to the dollar tree for some “kids” games.

Drive-In Movie

This is one I personally have never done but is on my bucket list for this year. Drive in Movies are usually only open in the summer, so take advantage of it while you can. You might have to search online to find a theater near you. I know the closest one to where I live is about 45 minutes away. However most people have more time during the summer, so why not use some of that extra time to have a unique experience?

Go to the Park

Exploring a local park is a great way to get outside. I love taking my dogs with me to all of the local parks. If you take some time to look around you will probably notice there are more parks nearby than you originally thought. Rotate through them all and see what you find. Each park will have its own unique aspects and things to do outside while you are there.

Go for a Ride or Drive

So far this summer Nathan and I have put tons of miles on his motorcycle. I personally own a scooter that I put hundreds of miles on last summer. If you don’t have two wheels to get around on, a car with the windows down and some music turned up, can be just as fun. Grab a friend or significant other and see where the road takes you.

Go for a Mini Road Trip

I have spent the last two summers doing tons of traveling for work. It has given me tons of opportunities to see the country and opened my eyes to how much fun road trips can be. If getting on the road seems too expensive, try taking a mini road trip to a nearby town. There are so many destinations small towns across America that are worth a day trip. Plus, most of these destination small towns come with their own unique things to do outside.

Spend a Day Going to Garage Sales

Growing up my mom and I would spend almost every Saturday over the summer going to Garage Sales. You never know what you might find, and even if you don’t buy anything you still end up having fun. Garage Sales are usually advertised in the local newspaper and on craigslist. Remember to bring cash with you since most people won’t accept check or card.


To go along with this blog post, check out my latest YouTube video. I talk more about my favorite cost-effective summer activities and my favorite things to do outside during the summer!


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